Audio IC Iphone 7 Repair Service


iPhone 7 7 plus-Audio IC, no recording, slow boot repair service with 4 jumpers

This repair service offers a full and permanent fix to your device. Most services re-heat or just replace the Audio IC, I’m not only replacing it, but I also do 4 jumper wires to prevent it from happening in the future.

This issue is caused by the phone flexing in the casing weak spot – sim tray area. When the phone keeps flexing back and forth in your pocket, or during any type of usage, the contact pins under the Audio IC chip are getting loose and brake off the board. By placing jumper wires, this issue is gone forever.

Symptoms that can occur when Audio IC is faulty:

1. No loudspeaker option on phone call / grayed out
2. “Recording device not found” in voice memo
3. Slow boot
4. No boot
5. Microphone / Loudspeaker not working



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