Gran Turismo 5


Gran Turismo 5
This is no demo or spin-off, this is the game every car enthusiast has been waiting for as the legendary real driving simulator finally rolls off the production line. The result of four years work by a team of hundreds, this is the game the PlayStation 3 was made for.

It goes without saying that the new game looks astonishing – far better even than Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – but as ever the beauty of Gran Turismo is that it drives as realistically as it looks. With the 950 different cars modelled to a higher degree of accuracy than ever before this also features more manufacturers than any other game – including, for the first time ever, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

Other fan demands that have finally been met too, including fully realistic damage-modelling, a 16-player online mode, dynamic weather changes and night racing. Any more realistic than this and you’d be knocked out by the petrol fumes.

Real simulator – The definitive version of the most realistic driving game ever finally hits the PlayStation 3 with more cars, tracks and features than ever before.
Virtual showroom – Photorealistic graphics simulate hundreds of cars in exacting detail – from the smallest nuts and bolts to the unique handling of every model.
Stig friendly – New official licenses include Ferrari, WRC and NASCAR – as well as the test track from the BBC’s Top Gear show.
Damage control – For the first time new damage modelling lets you see the damage your car – and your opponents’ – endures throughout the race.
Gran Turismo Live – Race online with fans around the world in the brand new 16-player multiplayer mode.

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