Killzone 2


Killzone 2 (18)
It’s fair to say, without any hint of hype, that at its launch, Killzone 2 marks the pinnacle of visual excellence in console gaming. This much has been touted since it was first revealed four years prior to its launch, in the form of a rolling video. Does it deliver more than just delicious candy for the eye? It most certainly does.

Like its predecessor, the original Killzone, it is a first-person shooter set hundreds of years into the future where humans have ventured to the stars. Colonising distant worlds, civilisation has broken into two factions, the clean-cut International Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the industrial Helghast. Following the events of the debut game and its PSP sequel Killzone: Liberation, the Helghast invasion of ISA-allied colony on Vekta has been defeated, and in Killzone 2 the ISA takes the battle to its source; the Helghast home world of Helghan.

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