Legacy Of Kain Defiance PS2 Game


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Legacy of Kain: Defiance is the next instalment in the multi-million selling Legacy of Kain series. For the first time in the series both Kain and Raziel will be available as playable characters in all of their blood-sucking and soul-devouring glory. They are pitched against the Hylden; a force so evil that these two embittered rivals must unite. Taking on the role of Kain and Raziel in alternating chapters, you must battle through a world loaded with conflict and intrigue in order to defeat the dark forces that threaten to condemn the land of Nosgoth to eternal damnation.

Legacy of Kain: Defiance focuses much more on combat as Kain and Raziel confront hordes of monstrous enemies in fierce, fast-paced battles. The completely “revamped” combat system promises to be accessible, responsive and satisfying, allowing for non-stop action and thrilling combo moves unique to each character. The inclusion of the new “telekinesis” feature plays a fundamental role in not only deepening the combat system, but level and puzzle progression as well. A redesigned in-game camera offers dynamic views of both the action and breathtaking environments.


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