Long Screw Damage Repair Service


iPhone 6, 6 Plus Long Screw Damage Repair Service

This is often at the fault of someone else trying to repair something completely different in the phone, most common is usually screen replacement, and then using the wrong screw as they put it all back together.

Symptoms of long screw damage:

Phone begins to boot but the screen turns blue and it reboots
Trying to restore in iTunes results in error 14 or error 9

What does this service include?

Board level repair replacement IC
1-year Warranty on the repair
Return Shipping

What it doesn’t include?

Shipping to us
Any other Repairs or Parts

Turnaround time 2-4 days.

Once purchased we will message you with a delivery address.

We only require the phone. Please do not send box as it will increase postage cost for both.

(1st class signed for)

We do not require the memory card nor SIM.

Send your device along with your order number.

We will require the passcode/pattern in order to test the device. You may remove this before sending

If you have any other issues or faults with any other devices like water damage, no power, no sound, backlight, no camera, fingerprint touch ID etc. Please get in touch and we will provide you with a free quotation.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held liable for any loss of data or for any further damage to your device, sometimes the device develops further faults as part of the repair process, we will not be held liable or responsible for these faults. By sending us your device you are agreeing to the terms.



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