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If there really isn’t any such thing as bad publicity then Mercenaries 2 is already doing superbly. It certainly already has its fair share of infamy, after being denounced by the Venezuelan government as propaganda for the U.S. Army and even dragging Bono (who part owns developer Pandemic) into a row over its probity. Mind you North Korea weren’t too keen about the first game either and that turned out all right.

The reason poor Bono’s name has been dragged into the dirt is that the game’s plot revolves around a U.S. led invasion of Venezuela after a dictator takes control in a coup. It’s pretty hard to get offended about a game as gleefully silly as this though as its interests are clearly not politics but simply blowing things up as creatively as possible. As before you’re dropped into the war zone and free to ply your mercenary trade with whomever you want. However, this time you’re in charge of your own PMC (Private Military Company) and get to set up your own base and recruit your own soldiers.

Owning your own PMC gives you a lot more control over how exactly you play the game in what is essentially Grand Theft Auto in a warzone. Everything you see can be completely destroyed from innocuous shrubbery to be the biggest buildings. You can now swim as well and there’s lot more vehicles and gadgets, from helicopters to grappling hooks. With an online co-op mode as well even Hugo Chavez couldn’t fail to be entertained (maybe)


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