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The main goal in this game isn’t to win but to survive the race. Winning is saved only for the best. While taking part in the MotorStorm Festival an event designed for the most hardcore of off-road drivers players will compete with sophisticated AI or human opponents in awesome action-packed tracks in an attempt to be crowned Festival Champion. Evolution Studios have developed a breath-taking environment in which to race thanks to the advancement in technology with the new PS3 and Blu-Ray Disks. With everything including smarter AI real-time track deformation fully destructible vehicles and environments as well as the beautiful scenery. You’ll also witness the processing power of the PS3 with effects including motion blur depth-of-field and crash cams for awesome replays. Features Attacking and Offensive Driving – Nudge bump shunt ram and spin your opponents out of the way in order to win by any means necessary. Use your vehicle as your weapon and remember: mercy is for the weak. Stunning Environments – Hang onto your hats as you go racing through some of America’s most recognisable open spaces. Just don’t get too caught up in it or else you’ll find yourself careering off a cliff! Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence – This highly defined A.I. will stop at nothing to win. It pulls out all the stops: it will always select the best route and its aggressiveness is determined by how aggressive your own driving is making this a foe to be feared. It’s actions are all realistic and no routes are pre-planned. Real-time Track Deformation – You know that wheelspin ditch you left at the starting line? Well make sure that you dont drive right through it the next time around because all marks that are left on the track stay on the track making for a more realistic driving experience. Real-time Audio Manipulation – Echo and reverb effects are added into the backgound music of the game making it sound more ‘live. PlayStation 3 – With the power of the highly-developed PS3 and the .


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