Resistance 2


Resistance 2
Picking up the story from the closing moments of the first game, Resistance 2 continues the tale of an alternate post-war 20th century where civilisation is rapidly being crushed as the savage Chimera virus turns the populous into monstrous mutant creatures. In the first game, Resistance: Fall of Man, players took control of Nathan Hale, a US soldier deployed in England, in an epic first-person shooter coupled with a intriguing story. Infected with the virus, yet miraculously able to hold its ravages at bay, Hale benefits from the super-strength it lends him, becoming almost a one-man army in the battle to fight against the Chimeran attack from Russia.

In Resistance 2, players once again take the point of view of Hale. He’s been evacuated from London to an Icelandic outpost to continue the struggle against the Chimera, which are now making a concerted push across the Atlantic. No longer alone, Hale is accompanied by a band of brothers similarly infected. Known as Sentinels, through many missions they provide assistance with their heavy weaponry and brute force. Hale and the team must staunch the Chimeran onslaught through many missions set across mainland USA, where once treasured vistas are blitzed from the skies by vast enemy battleships.

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