Terminator Salvation


Terminator: Salvation
The world, as we all know, is careening towards a devastating apocalypse. We’ve been told this by a number of people in a number of ways over the last two or three decades, but seldom has the message been passed along as convincingly as by Terminator. With Terminator: Salvation, the rise of the machines is no longer a dark hint or an ominous cloud on the horizon – it’s thousands upon thousands of robots hellbent on crushing the human race under their bootheels as we desperately try to fight them off with lots and lots of guns. All sounds like a rather promising start for a shoot ’em up, doesn’t it?

Terminator Salvation complements the film of the same name, while not just re-treading the ground of the movie. It’s set a couple of years before the events of the film, showing how John Connor, a long-time target of the machines, rises from being a cog in the machine of the resistance to being its leader.

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