U10/Home Button Replacement Service


Has your Apple iPhone 7 Home Button U10 Turtle IC failed? Is it malfunctioning and pressing the button repeatedly and clicking too many times when you only press it once? Does the device vibrate rapidly when the button is pressed? Does the phone seem fully operational apart from the home button malfunctioning? If so, then this means the U10 Turtle IC on the home button flex cable has been damaged and needs replacing.

Using this postal repair service, we will fix your faulty home button problem on your smartphone. This problem usually occurs due to damaging the IC that is on the home button flex cable (usually when replacing the display or disassembling the device for another repair.

The usual symptoms of a faulty U10 Turtle IC ;

The smartphone seems to be fully functional apart from the fact that the home button sensitivity is not correct, it either doesn’t work at all or the phone thinks it is being repeatedly pressed.

The user has repaired the screen/display on the smartphone and accidentally damaged the U10 Turtle IC.

The device has been disassembled and when reassembling the home button has stopped working.

The device was dropped and it has damaged the U10 Turtle IC.

Please note that the home button MUST be the original home button that was supplied with the phone from new. We cannot repair a home button for your iPhone that is different to the one that it originally came with. This is because with this type of smartphone, only the native home button that was installed from the factory by Apple will ever work with the smartphone.



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