UFC 2009: Undisputed


UFC 2009: Undisputed
Wrestling is for wusses! Doing fancypants fighting involving floating around and shooting fireballs out of your hands is for wusses! For real men, there is one way of inflicting pain on your fellow human beings – the Ultimate Fighting Championship. That’s why, we can only assume, THQ has brought the sport to your gaming system for the first time in UFC 2009 Undisputed.

Career mode is the bread and butter of the game. You’ll start by creating and naming your character, picking height and weight, moulding your face and slapping tattoos on any part of your fighter you feel like.

Training is, of course, an important aspect of being a fighter, and you’ll work on various areas such as strength, cardio and speed, earning the right to go fight in camps to learn new moves.

Yes, the fighting. You didn’t think we’d forgotten, did you? Fighting incorporates six main styles: boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and good old wrestling. As you might have guessed from the list, this isn’t about high-flying kicks and flaming punches, this is about simulated fighting that’s as close as you’re likely to get to the real thing in a game. It doesn’t stop there, however. You’ll also need to make crucial decisions such as what sponsors you’re going to sign and which events you’re going to attend.

Over 100 UFC personalities are present and accounted for, including 80 fighters from all five weight classes. You’ll get to play and interact with them in not just the career mode, but also in both online and offline multiplayer.

It might be time to bring on the pain…

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