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Water treatment service.

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One of the worst things that can happen to your device is water damage. Most repair firms will turn away water logged devices as unrepairable. Many will tell you to buy a new phone or send it away to the insurance company as write off.

Not Us, In fact we can usually fix it…

Imagine if you dropped your phone down the toilet, or into the kitchen sink? Most people would tell you to try putting it into rice as the rice will absorb the water from the device. Truth be told this will not really do much, infact this can cause more harm than good. Many times we have had water logged devices brought in for repair with rice stuck in charge ports, or headphone jacks. This adds more cost to your repair as we may need to repace those components.

What we would recommend to do is turn the device off, and bring it to us as quickly as possible.

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For £25.00 we will strip your device and chemically clean it in an ultrasonic removing any corrosion caused by the water. We will then specially dry your device out. This will stop any further damage happening to your device. We will then inspect the internal components to access how much damage has been done and will quote you the cost of a full repair.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of water damage this service is NOT covered by our guarantee.



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