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With the repercussions of Covid-19 and the UK heading into a recession as consumers tighten their belts and business struggle to stay ahead.  Dogleap Computers has developed a strategy that will ensure your business not only survives but prospers.    

Digital Marketing can be accomplished in many different ways.
  • Online Listings & Citations
  • Review Monitoring/Generation/Response
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO offline/online
  • Digital Advertising (Adwords/Retargeting/Display/Social)

The majority of agencies concentrate on your brands awareness.  On generating traffic to your website site and social media pages.  However this doesn’t necessarily get you customers, which is the aim of the game.   We follow what we like to call.  “The customers journey. “

The majority of agencies concentrates on your brand awareness.  On generating traffic to your website site and social media pages.  However this doesn’t necessarily get you customers, which is the aim of the game.   We follow what we like to call.  “The customers journey. “

So what is the customers Journey?

All customers will follow the customer journey whether they are aware of doing so or not.  This journey involves five steps that ensure they buy from you and not your competitors.

Awareness:  The first business advert in the UK was printed in the Perfect Diurnal by Samuel Peck in 1646.  The listing was for a book and cost 6 pence for the insertion.  People reading the newspaper would see the listing and become aware the book was for sale.  Fast forward 400 years and the methods have changed, but the principle is still the same.  Instead of advertising in the local paper we use the internet.  Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.   In other words we need to actively promote our products and services via paid sources just like in 1646.

Findability:   Just because a person has heard of your product or service it doesn't mean they will be able to find you.  Take our repair side of the business for example.  I had a customer call into my shop last week, because I was the first person who came up when he looked for phone repair.  It is imperative that your listings are accurate and up to date.  If our listing had been ​missing or inaccurate then we would have never gained that customer, or worse received a bad review for being closed when our listing said we were open.

Reputation: Did you know that 92% of people will look at a companies reviews before making a purchase?  Plus 44% of people look to see if the review was made within the last month, and  86% of people will hesitate to buy from somewhere with a negative review. So reviews matter, and looking at the stats they matter allot. Considering 59% of people use social media on a daily basis it's essential that you provide a positive customer experience. 

Conversion: The most important part of the customers journey is this step.  As this is the moment the customer decides they want to buy from YOU.  With Covid-19 all  businesses have had a major shake up on how they implement this step.  Now more than ever it is more important that you have a functioning ecommerce store, as online sales have jumped 55% reaching $1.7 Trillon.  If you can't sell your products and services online then you will be left behind in this brave new world.

Advocacy:  Once you have sold your product or service the customer will decide whether they have had a positive or negative experience.  If they have had a negative experience, then they are more than likely to tell everyone about it.  Alternatively, if they have had a positive experience and let people know, then this will boost your reputation meaning the next customer will trust you more, and purchase from you.    At this point the reputation and the advocacy stage merge together potentially affecting many of your potential clients.  Especially if they have a positive experience as you can share this through your social channels allowing you to create more awareness of your product allowing the cycle to continue anew.

How do we accomplish this journey?

Via our Business Center App

Our Business Center App allows you to manage your digital strategy and grow your business. The Business Center gives access to conversion building products, a customer communication hub, appointment booking, automated reporting, and much more.

We offer 5 products via the portal as standard that allows you to manage each stage of the customers journey.  Click on the products below for more information.

Social Marketing


Listing Builder


Reputation Management


Website Design


Customer Voice



" I have known and worked closely with James, and the fine folks at The Agency, for almost two decades and feel fully confident in expressing my endorsement. There is not a finer, more dedicated group of people offering marketing communications and public affairs capabilities and services. I first met James and his team when I managed earned and paid media relations for Atlantic Air Ltd.